Chandra Natha

Balinese Gamelan

Gamelan Chandra Natha is the new Balinese gamelan ensemble at the University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music. The instruments were commissioned and built in Bali for the Hugh Hodgson School of music. The builders named the ensemble Chandra Natha, which signifies “magical power of the moon.”

The ensemble is comprised of UGA Students and members of the Athens community. The gamelan ensemble performs Balinese gamelan music for gong kebyar, the modern Balinese style of gamelan music renowned worldwide for its powerful rhythmic drive and virtuosity. The ensemble also performs gender wayang, the delicate and mesmerizing incidental music for the shadow puppet theatre known as wayang kulit.

Chandra Natha is currently under the direction of Professor Jean Kidula. We work closely with master musicians from Bali and host visiting artists for special events.

Gamelan Chandra Natha is proud to be a centerpiece of Indonesia Week, a weeklong celebration of Indonesian culture to be held at the University of Georgia in the Spring of 2020.

For information about joining the ensemble or upcoming events, please contact:

Professor Jean Kidula — 706-542-2791 —

UGA Students may receive credit for participating in the ensemble by registering for MUSI 4870 or 6870. Information here.